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  1. Philip Glass

    Best Duty Free DFW-DOH-JNB?

    There are some in my group who would like to bring their favorite bottle to camp. With all the cancellations I find myself, after 15 trips, on a totally new route to Africa! If we are going to hit the duty free shops for a bottle of whiskey, scotch, etc which one should we choose? I would assume...
  2. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I have a brief rundown of the various shooting sticks here and discuss their application in preparing for your next safari. I believe shooting and hunting off sticks regularly is the best safari prep a person can do. Regards, Philip PS Checkout how little recoil there is from my Tikka 7mm Mag...
  3. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning - 3 Things

    Here is my latest Safari Planning video. As most of us are just planning and not getting to hunt this year I though it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on what is important to do ahead of time. These videos are not meant to answer all possible questions on Safari Planning but more to...