1. A

    Turkey - Ibex

    Planning my next overseas hunt for 2024 and was wondering can anyone reccomend a good Outfitter for an Ibex Hunt in Turkey? Preferably with personal experience with the Outfitter not just word of mouth Thank-you in advance
  2. A

    Kyrgyistan Ibex Hunt Questions

    It's only 8 days until I fly from Tropical Darwin in Australia to Sydney - Dubai and then Bishkek for my trip of a life time Ibex Hunt. I think i have tried to manage as many risks and issues as possible. I'm going with a reputable Outfitter who I personally know. Apparently there will be plenty...
  3. ArmyGrunt

    Kazakhstan in consideration / mountain tips

    Has anyone ever hunted here? I went to Hungary a little over 2 years ago and hunted with a gent under suggestion of @UKHunter. While there, George had mentioned that he'd like to hunt Ibex the same as I. I've spent the last two years thinking about what to do for the next hunt trip. @gizmo is...
  4. Martin Rodriguez

    Spain Ibex Hunt - Ibex fever

    Ibex hunt in spain! just perfect, food, drinks and trophies, i have Ibex Fever love them. Would like to share some of the trophies taken 2019. Spain Ibex by Martin Rodriguez posted Feb 17, 2020 at 7:02 PM Spain Ibex by Martin Rodriguez posted Feb 17, 2020 at 7:02 PM Spain Ibex by Martin...
  5. HuntingGold

    Looking for recommendations for an Ibex hunt

    Hello, I have done my search of this forum and have reviewed all threads regarding ibex and am beginning to whittle my way down to an outfitter to book a hunt with. I believe we are primarily interested in Spain and open to any of the ibex species. Looking for: outfitter/guide recommendations...
  6. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    I booked my Mongolia hunt with The Hunting Consortium and decided to not only hunt the two Ibex that inhabit this country but the beautiful Siberian Roe Deer as well. I flew from DFW to Seoul to Ulaanbator Mongolia then overnighted in a hotel. The next day we flew to Khovd to the Altai...
  7. Graba

    SPAIN: Spanish Grand Slam March 2018

    Was fortunate to travel to Spain last month and accomplish the Slam. for whatever reason a trip last August with Bonnet Plume outfitters for Dall Sheep in the Yukon got me on this crazy sheep/goat quest. I am obsessed with doing the hard stuff while my battered arthritic knees can take the...