1. Martin Rodriguez

    Spain Ibex Hunt - Ibex fever

    Ibex hunt in spain! just perfect, food, drinks and trophies, i have Ibex Fever love them. Would like to share some of the trophies taken 2019. Spain Ibex by Martin Rodriguez posted Feb 17, 2020 at 7:02 PM Spain Ibex by Martin Rodriguez posted Feb 17, 2020 at 7:02 PM Spain Ibex by Martin...
  2. HuntingGold

    Looking for recommendations for an Ibex hunt

    Hello, I have done my search of this forum and have reviewed all threads regarding ibex and am beginning to whittle my way down to an outfitter to book a hunt with. I believe we are primarily interested in Spain and open to any of the ibex species. Looking for: outfitter/guide recommendations...
  3. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    I booked my Mongolia hunt with The Hunting Consortium and decided to not only hunt the two Ibex that inhabit this country but the beautiful Siberian Roe Deer as well. I flew from DFW to Seoul to Ulaanbator Mongolia then overnighted in a hotel. The next day we flew to Khovd to the Altai...
  4. Graba

    SPAIN: Spanish Grand Slam March 2018

    Was fortunate to travel to Spain last month and accomplish the Slam. for whatever reason a trip last August with Bonnet Plume outfitters for Dall Sheep in the Yukon got me on this crazy sheep/goat quest. I am obsessed with doing the hard stuff while my battered arthritic knees can take the...