Brown Hyena Hunt With Bayly Sippel Hunting Safaris

    Good day AH Community, We are in the privileged position where we are able to offer our clients 1 Brown Hyena hunt in South Africa again for 2021. We only conduct 1 per year so as to ensure we have the highest chance at success for a client that wants to attempt this difficult hunt. The...
  2. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt Special Do Not Wait To Hunt Your Cat

    LEOPARD HUNT SPECIAL in SELOUS GAME RESERVE 14 day hunt in Tanzania Daily Rate = 15,450 Licenses = 4,900 Extras and gun lic = 1,650 Leopard Trophy Fee = 5,500 Total Hunt and Leopard Trophy Fee = 27,500 Round Trip Camp Transfer = 1,750 (private air in / road out) Dates: August 14 - Arrive in...