custom rifle

  1. F

    Has anyone built a custom .375 H&H rifle based on a MRC 1999 PH action?

    Hi It might be possible that I could grab a new MRC 1999 PH action. Do you think building a .375 (probably a H&H or a .376 Steyr, just for the Austrian flair) is a good way of using that action? I already own a .404 Jeffery, which is a) the top level of my personal recoil tolerance and b)...
  2. ET1775

    450 No 2 Nitro Express Project

    I am going to embark on a project to convert a ruger No 1 into a semi-bespoke 450 No 2 NE rifle. I want to do this for a number of reasons, first, I want to. Second, I think the cartridge is very neat and I don't want it to pass into complete obscurity and disuse. As a handloader, the case...
  3. T

    Custom made 8-Bore Chamber Brush & Cleaning Rod

    I just received my custom-made 8-Bore Chamber Brush and cleaning rod today. GREAT WORK by a guy I found on Etsy that makes "normal" cleaning rods and I had him make me the attached. Hand-turned Ebony handles, custom-made brass fittings, and a chamber brush that is just perfect. PM me if you want...
  4. 2

    Custom 333 Jeffery / Interarms Action

    I thought this was an interesting rifle that some might like to see. Nothing high end, just interesting. Enjoy Thanks 275
  5. PaulB

    Rigby 9.3x62 Full Custom HS

    New Rigby 9.3x62 HS custom I ordered this rifle take on my last trip to Africa, unfortunately it didn't make it in time. This rifle truly is beautiful, the case coloring is the best I have seen. Features Of This Full Custom Rigby Rifle Include: Chambered in THE CLASSIC 9.3X62 MAUSER Rigby...
  6. P

    DMR Custom .338 Lapua With Leica Scope New

    DMR, LLC Custom Long Range .338 Lapua NEW with a Leica PRS 5-30 Scope. Curtis .338 Lapua Action KRG Folding Whiskey 3 Folding Chassis ARCA Rail KRG Mag Leica PRS 5-30 Scope with L4a Reticle Spuhr 35mm Scope Mount Proof research Bull Barrel 26 Inches, 9.4 twist Fat Bastard Muzzle Break Rifle is...
  7. Red Dog Rising

    For Sale CZ ZKK 602 - Custom Caliber 450 Dakota $1,750 Fully Insured & Delivered To Your FFL

    UPDATE:> I am attaching a ton of pictures for this rifle. CZ 602 ZZK Imported into Oakhurst California. Selling price is $1750, fully insured and delivered to your door. I ship to the lower 48 only, and not to any state where the seller is required to do more then receive an FFL and ship the...
  8. A

    .318 Westley Richards - It Begins

    Like probably 99% of the people on this board, I'm enamored of the old school hunting cartridges. Trolling around the web, I found an article in American Hunter by Phil Massaro in which he outlines a rifle he had built in .318 Westley Richards on an old military Mauser action. And I got to...