1. osne

    Trigger stuck (could not fire), Brno 602

    Has anyone else ever experienced that after closing the bolt on a Brno Zkk-602 (or a 600), the trigger gets stuck and is impossible to pull (i.e the firning pin doesn’t release and the cartridge therefore can’t be fired)? I experienced this today in my 602 which is a 450 Rigby, re-chambered...
  2. D

    Ruger No. 1 9.3x74R For Sale With Extras

    Up for sale is my Ruger No. 1 in 9.3x74R with extras. I bought this rifle and intended to use it on my first trip to Africa for a plains game safari hunt in 2024; however, with recent family news I have decided to postpone my trip for the time being and list the rifle for sale as I already have...
  3. E

    Wanted 6.5x57R Ammo Or brass

    Wanted 6.5x57R RWS or S&B ammo or brass (new or once fired). PM me if you have any. Thanks, EJ
  4. E

    375 H&H Brass 100pc New Winchester

    100pc of new Winchester 375 H&H brass. $150 plus $16 for medium USPS flat rate shipping. EJ
  5. E

    22-250 Brass Winchester Brand New

    For sale new 22-250 brass by Winchester. 126pc. $100 plus $10 shipping via small flat rate USPS box. EJ
  6. E

    RWS 9.3x64 Brass New

    New RWS 9.3x64 brass for sale. $75 per box plus shipping. Ten boxes available (200pc total). I can ship USPS flat rate. PM me if you have any questions EJ
  7. Opposite Pole

    Brass from SHM Süddeutsche Hülsenmanufaktur

    Does anyone have experience with brass from this maker? I'm about to order some 30R Blaser cases and trying to decide between RWS and them. The price is about the same. They have a good selection of brass for the less common calibres. For some chamberings, they offer sorted lots weighted to...
  8. E

    404 Dakota Brass NIB

    404 Dakota brass. 80pc total. New in box. $60 per box plus shipping. EJ
  9. E

    416 Remington Brass- New- Rem Brand

    New 416 Remington Brass. Remington brand. 400pc available. I looked on Midway and priced it between the two offerings they list, however they do not have any in inventory. $200 per 100pc plus shipping. I can ship USPS flat rate. EJ
  10. L

    Hornady 7mm Mag Brass For Sale

    I have 2 New unopened boxes of 7MAG brass .I will not split the boxes up. Buy both, please. I will sell for the price I bought it. $100 plus shipping Venmo or PAYPAY F&F Thanks for looking. NLISBON
  11. M

    Looking For 375 Ruger Brass

    Well I’m exhausted with the shortages. I have a hunt coming up next month and am in search for some brass. Maybe 100 pieces would suffice. If you have a reasonable fair price on once fired I’d be interested. Many Thanks!!
  12. H

    For Sale 375 Ruger Brass New

    Bought a 375 Ruger rifle for a dream hunt. Still dreaming. Also bought wayyyyy more brass than I'll ever need. Starting with 100pcs, new, never fired. Will bag bulk and ship flat rate USPS. $115 shipped lower 48, Paypal FF. New here, but happy to point to a number of other places I've...