blaser r8

  1. BeeMaa

    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    I was surprised to not find a thread that had "Blaser" and "DG" in the title and that's why I started this thread. Now onto the topic at hand. My wife and I are on the market for a new rifle for her and she has shown an interest in the Blaser R8. There are several other rifles in the running...
  2. Philip Glass

    R8 Custom Barrels-Dream Come True!

    I just found this custom barrel manufacturer of Blaser R8 barrels. I have ordered two of them and will report on this thread how well they shoot for me. I am having a .375 Ruger and 6.5 PRC made now. They have good prices and turn around times are very good. Blaser has such an antiquated and...