.416 rigby

  1. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale .416 Rigby Ammunition Factory New Cheap

    I am selling some excess ammo, I shoot this myself, but I have 2 more cases I am keeping so I don't think I need this. It was a full case, but used one box so 9 boxes in total. If you are interested in the whole lot, I will sell it for 65.00 per box shipped, 585.00 total. I shot a buffalo with...
  2. Rum Runner

    Velocity Issue

    *Velocity Issue* I'm happy to say I'm off to Africa in August and am working up a load for my .416 Rigby. This will be a dangerous game hunt, and my PH specified 400 gr Swift A-Frames followed by 400 gr Barnes Banded Solids. I like Vihtavuori N560, but their official max load data only...
  3. reinhardtR

    CZ 550 - .416 Rigby good choice for dangerous game?

    I want to buy my first big bore rifle and I've done some research and found that a CZ 550 in 416 Rigby might be a good choice for a beginner like myself. The rifle is not expensive but the ammo might be a bit heavy on the wallet. I would like to know what the other members think of the combination ?