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    First African Safari in June!

    Congratulations! I can sense your elation. There is nothing like a first safari. When I was going on my first a friend sent me a note that said: “You’re not going on a vacation or a trip. You’re going on a SAFARI!” As others have stated: Talk to the staff and locals. Take pictures of not only...
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    49 Inch Plus Sable Bull Hunt With JKO HUNTING SAFARIS In South Africa

    Holy Sh*t! Now that’s a sable!.
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    Greetings from the Eastern Shore of VA!

    Welcome to AH. So many people on. This site more than willing to answer your questions. Also searches on past posts provides a wealth of info. Your daughter has great taste, wanting to hunt Africa with you.
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    Leaving ammunition as a tip

    When I was in Zim in ‘13, I gave the PH a generous cash tip but also left him a soft gun case he admired, a hat he liked (mistake, as I’ve never found a hat like it) and a box of .375 for his “camp” rifle. When going thru Customs when leaving Zim, the officer asked where all the ammo was. I...
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    Qatar Airways

    I used TWG on both of my trips (not on Qatar) and they had everything handled. I highly recommend them.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Hunting Safari With Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA

    Welcome back to the Buckeye state Trogon. This was a great write up, detailing a fantastic safari. You took a great kudu and that Nyala.... VERY NICE! Additionally, you saw that worm and tortoise those are the things that make safaris special.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Safari With Gamka Safaris

    Congratulation. It looks like you had a great time and took some great trophies. Have you decided where you’re going on your next safari? Out of curiosity, what rifle and bullets did you use?
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    I Found a OOP's Today

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    Which solid for Buffalo in 416 rem.mag

    I used a 400gr Barnes TSX out of a .416 Ruger. The insurance shot was with a 400gr Barnes Banded Solid.
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    Leupold VX-3I 3.5-10x40 vs Swarovski Z3 3-10x42

    I find the Z3 is slightly brighter than the VX3. Is it worth 80% more $$$? Goimg forward, rather than spending the Z3 money, I think I’d rather spend an additional $200-$400 and get a Trijicon or Leupold Vx5 or 6 or Zeiss V4.
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    New guy - thinking about Africa

    Welcome to AH. You’ve come to the right place for learning about hunting Africa.
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    Chamber-through erosion on Browning a bolt 375 h&h

    Welcome to AH. I’ve owned a few A-Bolts and never experienced that issue. As 375 Ruger Fan stated, I’d have a gunsmith check it out.
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    Hey ya’ll from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH. I’m originally from the Bluegrass state.
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    Two days in Jo'burg

    I’ve stayed at Africa Sky twice. Great people and food. The meet and greet at the airport was great. The driver knew all the people at SAP’s and got my guns picked up in no time. Departing RSA, he was equally helpful.
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    What powder do you use to reload your 416 Ruger?

    With a 400gr Barnes TSX: 2000-MR