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    Rusa deer hunting in MAURITIUS ISLAND

    answer about price... Hello to you nejatuner it's a great pleasure to give you some news, and sorry for this late answer but I was in S.A to pass my exam to be P.H... When ist the best time in Mauritius to have combo hunt for; 1.One(1) Rusa deer: The best season is from june to the...
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    Lion & Plains Game Combination Hunt - 8 days

    Yes this is a very good question B&C 04, can you answer it on the forum please because that is the question that most of the interessted people as me, can ask you... Many thanks and congrat's for this great deal... Sincerely yours. Lio
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    what caliber for a guide?

    Hello to the africahunting member, I would like to know what is for you the best caliber for a P.H for dangerous game back up ? Be aware that this caliber must be rented to the clients also ! I would like to buy the new BLASER R8 KILOMBERO or the Blaser SELOUS and my caliber will be the...
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    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    For me and since 17 years of bow hunting, I really like the "THUNDERHEAD 100 grain three blades" ALWAYS THREE BLADES (with my PSE 73 POUNDS and at 29 inches draw, that is also important to know the draw and the power of the couple : bow-hunter to take a decision on the brodhead) on all the...
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    WANTED: Gazelle Hunting

    I know personaly Arnaud MERMET, he's P.H and a friend of mine and I am sure that he can help you. website: email: He worked in several african countries since a long time and right now in Tanzania for a huge and very professional company in Selous...
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    Rusa deer hunting in MAURITIUS ISLAND

    Thanks a lot for your post and many thanks for your interesst. Yes the boar are a newly recognised specie by the S.C.I (like the rusa deer) because of their pure genetic, they was never crossed with other deer species since they was introduced in 1639. Concerning the wild boar they can weight an...
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    Kudu, Eland & Oryx Hunt for 3000 US Dollars

    That's sound to be a lifetime price and congrats for the opportunity you give to some people who dream about AFRICA and who never get the financial opportunty to do it. It's looking crazy to realise that : - when it's too expansive the people complain and : - when it's not enought expansive...
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    Rusa deer hunting in MAURITIUS ISLAND

    Many thanks for your comment it's nice and I will remember for a long time your daughter's perfect shot at 164 meters in the heart of a Mauritian wild boar, Crazy! HIS FATHER AND HIS BROTHER WASN'T THAT BAD TOO... lol This is why I do and I love this job: to meet people and make their little...
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    Hello DOUBLE D yes the package is still available and all is INCLUDED except your flyght but you...

    Hello DOUBLE D yes the package is still available and all is INCLUDED except your flyght but you must lang to MAPUTO in MOZAMBIK. It's a fantastic area very protected and this is why there are so many animals of very good quality. You had a buffalo, a leopard and an elephant with not limit of...
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    PAC Elephant hunts on offer

    For me it's totally clear thanks a lot. I think that 90 percent of the hunting trip are booked under an agent or an outfitter who know somebody and who bring his clients to an other partnear. For me the most important thing is the hunt must be legal (and this is the case here) and professional...
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    Free Hunt for Two Hunters from HartzView Hunting Safaris for 2011

    caffer with bow and arrow This is my wife Kathleen and me with my first buffalo. A caffer caffer of 43 inchees large that I took with Mc DONALDS SAFARIS in MOZAMBIK and the VERY GOOD P.H: Chris. It was After 8 years, 8 unsuccessful safaris and 7 countries visited for this specie with my bow...
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    Mozambik elephant leopard and buff, VERY GOOD PRICE

    My friend ask me to find a hunter for a cancell hunt and this is the reason of this proposal to the african hunter members: It's an elephant + leopard and buff hunt available at : 34 500$ + Leopard at 5500 $ and Buff at 3800 $. It's will be in South West of Mozambik just close to Maputo...
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    My Namibian taxidermist sold my trophies!!!

    Thanks for all, the outfitters told me that he will do the necessary things to find a solution after one month because of the holidays time right now. I wait two years so I can wait one month more but I am sure that the trophies are already sold... We will see and thanks for your help.
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    My Namibian taxidermist sold my trophies!!!

    ONE TIME MORE THANKS for your advice and your reaction... Did somebody know a phone number or an e.mail to contact somebody who can help me in NAMIBIA, the NAPHA don't answer my mail, the taxidermist also, the outfitter also... To take my money they was on my back during all the...
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    My Namibian taxidermist sold my trophies!!!

    Many thanks guys for your help. I can understand EVERYTHING if the man in charge told me this before but nothing was explain, if not, I can tell you that i willl pay and take a loan if necessary! And concerning my best friend trophies, he paid everything and we don't receive any news from this...