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    Elephant hunting in Africa 1930s

    I bet there was a pretty steep learning curve training the staff. Wonder if they got the new guy to tie the first rope
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    Famous African Professional Hunters

    I had the immeasurable pleasure of getting to know Fred (aka Fearless Fred) Bartlett and his tireless wife Jock after they retired to northern Namibia in the latter half of the 80’s. They were living on the banks of the Okavango river east of Rundu. His grandsons, the Kibble boys (Progress...
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    There's Something about Buffalo

    My book finally made it here after struggling through a Canada Post strike. Brilliant read, covering the hunt from arrival in hunting camp, bullet placement to, heaven forbid, following up on a wounded buff. Veritable manual on buffalo hunt, easy writing style, and hard to put down. Kevin...
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    Zero Daily Rate Hunting Packages Hunters Pay Only For Animals 2019

    Good prices! Where does the croc hunt happen?
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    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    There’s Something About Buffalo
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    378 Wheatherby Magnum, opinions please

    I had both 375 H&H and 378WBY. I could never get used to the recoil of Roy’s toy. It was just bloody unpleasant to shoot. Never tried bench shooting the gun. H&H feels positively tame after!
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    Two Hills, Alberta

    The avatar has a story: a charachter in a comic strip, Louis the Lowveld Lion. We were 2 guys with the same first name in my platoon during military service, so Laeveld, the Afrikaans version of Lowveld, was my radio callsign in the army, and it kinda stuck.
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    Two Hills, Alberta

    Sparky, you're a scholar and a gentleman, sir. I'll definitely go give it a try. A fellow just outside of town has a shooting range on his farm. My neighbor has a couple of rifles, all right handed, so this weekend I'll run a box or two ammo through his 303 and see how it pans out. Right handed...
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    Two Hills, Alberta

    A 14 yr expat South African, finally into African hunting due to the enthusiasm of my son in law. Reading, researching, and planning the first safari. Getting some practice with the 470 Merkel, and anxiously waiting for 378 wby to arrive. Both leftys, so finding a gun in the bigger calibers is a...