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    The World Of Hunting : Then And Now

    Poton Splendid article , old friend . On a related subject , the bonded bear claw and sledge hammer solid bullets have been reported to have deteriorated in quality since their original inventor , a Mr. Jack Carter stopped being involved in their manufacturing process . Daniel gave me this news...
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    Sambar Deer in Texas - good to eat?

    Crs I second Poton's view . Sambhar Deer makes for excellent eating ! You can actually cure the loins like bacon . I baked this pizza a month back and decided that it could benefit from a little bit of venison " bacon " on top . If you would like the recipe , please do not hesitate to ask...
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    The Gaur Which Ended A Shikar Career

    Poton This story sent Christmas chills down my spine . It was like re-living that nightmare from 1969 , when we had received the news. I will personally disagree with you about you not being a good human being . I have seen the coolies employed by Allwyn Cooper Limited . They were a most...
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    Going After Indian Bears With An American Client Braver Than A Lion

    7 ×57 Joe That is quite a fitting way for a Shikari to get introduced to chicken fried steak ! My favorite chicken fried steak in the United States of America comes from a small diner in Texas , named " Sodolak's Country Inn " . When l visit your fine country again six months later , it will...
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    Your Favorite Rifle Actions

    Poton You already know mine all too well ! However , let me be a part of this survey as well . 1) French Brevex magnum mauser mechanism ( my all time favorite ) 2) Springfield model 1903 mechanism 3) Remington model 700 ( for non dangerous animals ) ( I would also list the Winchester model 70...
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    My First Proper Rifle

    Wyatt Smith Of course , l will provide a photograph to show on this thread , my young American friend . I do apologise for being missing from African Hunting forums for the last few days . This is the most hectic part of the year for a tea planter .
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    My First Proper Rifle

    Spike T Thank you so much for your kind words and support. The real test for it will be this March , for our Chital deer shikar. I will provide the entire report here for this community accordingly.
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    Comment by 'Kawshik Rahman' in media 'BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle'

    @Witold Krzyżanowski It is a gem , is it not ? So beautiful. I am most fortunate.
  9. BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

    BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

  10. BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

    BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

  11. 7 Millimeter Mauser Cartridge

    7 Millimeter Mauser Cartridge

  12. 7 Millimeter Mauser Range Shots

    7 Millimeter Mauser Range Shots

  13. BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

    BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

    The name of the rifle was a zkk- 600 made by the Czechoslovakian firm , Brno . He would use it to hunt Sambhar deer in the area near the Sundarban forests . Recently , however this gentleman and his family have decided to move to Europe permanently . Thus , the gentleman offered to sell me his...
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    Great Cats & Shotguns (Personal Experiences)

    WebleyGreene455 Unfortunately , during my career as a professional Shikari in Darjeeling , India from 1962 to 1970 , the only 9.3 millimeter calibre which l had seen clients bring was the 9.3 millimeter mauser calibre and this was invariably in bolt operation rifles My learned colleague @Major...
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    The Old Shikari Interview With Kawshik Rahman For 2021

    Mark-Hunter Thank you so much for your support . I would never intentionally use any demeaning terminology to describe anyone in this community . It is not who l am . However , if the term is perceived as inappropriate these days , then l will refrain from using it.