BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

BRNO ZKK - 600 Rifle

The name of the rifle was a zkk- 600 made by the Czechoslovakian firm , Brno . He would use it to hunt Sambhar deer in the area near the Sundarban forests . Recently , however this gentleman and his family have decided to move to Europe permanently . Thus , the gentleman offered to sell me his zkk- 600 bolt operation rifle for a very reasonable sum of 160,000 Bangladesh Taka ( 76 Bangladesh Taka is the equivalent of one American Dollar ) .
I was thrilled ! The 7 millimeter mauser calibre was what was used by my childhood hero , Jim Corbett to slay man - eating hunting leopards and Royal Bengal tigers . During my career as a professional Shikari in Darjeeling , India from 1962 to 1970 , l had dozens of clients who would bring beautiful bolt operation rifles calibrated for the 7 millimeter mauser cartridge , which they would use successfully , even for securing 2000 pound Gaurs ( although l certainly do not advocate this practice ! ) . I knew that l simply HAD to have it . And so , l applied for a fourth rifle license . After l fortunately got the positive confirmation , l purchased the rifle yesterday. The very first two people ( outside my family ) whom l shared this excellent news with , was my boyhood friend , former fellow professional Shikari and fellow forum member , @Major Khan and my good friend and fellow forum member , @Shootist43 . Here is the beautiful rifle with a piece of boric cotton stuffed into the muzzle to prevent any nasty insects from getting into the bore.

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