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    .404 Jeffrey and .416 Rigby: which is bigger?

    The 404 case also feeds easier than the 416 if reloading parts were more easily available I would bet more people would shoot the 404 than the 416 with milder recoil having same results.
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    Hello from Cape Town

    Hallo, Wynand welkom. Now that you hae the gear lets get you in among the buffalo.
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    My Leopard Arrived Today!

    Impresssive mount and presentation. Something to be proud of.
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    6.5x55 - 140 Grain Reload Velocity?

    23" Barrel Norma Brass 140 gr S&B getting me 2740fps N560 - 49gr Going to test accuracy and bullet seating depth today at 200meter if wind permits.
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris - Nathan Askew - Leopard/Buffalo Hunt - October 2020

    Good read so far hope you connect with Jack soon.
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    Mozambique open for hunting yet?

    With Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbawe that opened up to hunters any news on Mozambique? Very late into season I suppose they will just cancel the year?
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    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

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    Reflex sights on CZ 550 and Bruno 602 Rifles

    Thanks for the info.
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    Professional Hunters, Oddest Cartridge a Client Has Brought?

    Back in 2000 I saw a 300 RUM for the first time with original Barnes X. Was not a good combo impact speed was too high and bullets imploded instead of expanded. Acted like solids only good result was on an eland bull. Then I had an english client use two odd cailbres on two different hunts...
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    Reflex sights on CZ 550 and Bruno 602 Rifles

    Some new feedback after shooting BASA competition again this weekend the sight and rifle is easily coming together and without too much effort is extremely fast to handle and firing accurately. I came 2nd place this shoot only to the person who won the world big bore champs. Thinking, a few...
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    Reflex sights on CZ 550 and Bruno 602 Rifles

    What I dont like about the Recknagel QD mount is that it lifts the reflex or aimpoint and might be too high where you have to lift your head when shooting. My goal was to get as close as possible to using it like open sights.
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    Big Bore Rifles, How Much Do you Actually Shoot Them?

    Being lucky enough to participate in BASA shoots and also shooting at the range I would say I easily shoot 200 or more rounds of larger calibre mostly 458 Lott this year with 140 or so in my lott thus far. Previously mostly only with 375 also 200 rounds per year and most of them off hand with...
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    Algeria lifts 25 year long ban on hunting

    Except for boars what other huntable game especially unique to them do they have available?
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    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    Scope is more versatile on any rifle. I have my 375 H&H scoped but opted to have reflex sight on my 458 Lott not that I will be facing down charges everyday but because its fun and practical. Got the new Trijicon SRO with bigger window in 1 MOA have shot game at 120 meters red hartebeest off...