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    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    G'day Tra3, I have never done leather work, except patching up my old single bed mattress, as the springs kept on popping out, so I would sew old leather patches over the spots causing the trouble. Making your own creations out of leather work sounds useful, as you never have enough knife...
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    Hunting A Rogue Asiatic Elephant

    Major Khan, you must be a man of great influence to promote the above changes to the .303 British Cartridge in the Munitions Factory. Besides being a lot cheaper to produce, and copper being expensive, were there any particular reasons with this recommendation. ? Regards Rob
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    Hunting A Rogue Asiatic Elephant

    Well done Professor, that was a hair raising hunt, and what a trophy, I didn't realize that the Asian Elephants tusks grew that large. :Finger: Quick thinking about the last shot to prevent your death, it may not have been sporting, but it's rare for anyone to outrun a rogue elephant. You...
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    Great white shark attack- Australia

    That is what I call scary as hell ! Thank god he survived. I have fished up north and feel terribly uncomfortable when a tiger shark decides to just sit in the current behind the anchored bait, it feels so sinister. This particular tiger would eat every 'Tricky Snapper', that I hooked on...
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    Getting Drawn To The World Of Dangerous Game Hunting

    G'day Professor Thank you for your interesting response, I can see the cormorants in a more interesting light now :) I am located in Victoria, I am guessing that you may have hunted sambar, or some of our other imported deer species while you were here? I have friends who still eagerly stalk...
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    Great white shark attack- Australia

    The whites have always traveled up and down the coast, usually following the food supply (like whales). A few resident sharks remain in the Southern states to gobble up the local seals and porpoises, but in general they travel with the food supply. THe Great Aussie Shark Hunter 'Vic Hislop'...
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    Caption for this? 2

    Well, you always wanted your own individual roar, how about the 'Castrato' effect ! Rob
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    Funny But Dangerous - Japanese Dare Shows

    These 3 x Japanese Dare type shows involving unpredictable wildlife are amusing, but could have turned pretty deadly if the events went wrong. The quality of the videos are terrible, but still worth watching. Lion Japanese Prank Disguise Komodo Dragon chasing Ayako Imoto on crazy japanese...
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    Hello Everybody

    Welcome Professor, I look forward to reading your future chats & articles, as Major Khan has enlightened us all on how dangerous and exciting the hunts can be in you region, and anyone whom the Major recommends must be a really interesting decent chap too. :) Welcome to the site. Regards Rob
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    Sight, sound or smell, which evokes African Safari the most?

    Looks as though everyone has it covered, sound is a good one though, as I recall the screaming eerie calls of the tree hyraxes, the bark of the geckos, and yes, the terrifying buzz of a carpenter bee, when you prod at it in the holes that they have made in the ceiling rafter beams, and the...
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    Magical Catch

    G'day Longwalker, Now that would have been something to see, your father has outdone me for sure. Two Northern Pike would have been so much more challenging, and great to witness too. :)(y) I will need to add that to my bucket list :) Tight Lines Rob
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    Magical Catch

    Earlier this year I was bait fishing for Black Bream in the Maribyrnong River, Victoria, Australia. I was catching a few under size Black Bream on light gear, they are excellent fighters, when I hooked a larger fish which appeared to be going crazy, fighting differently. I immediately assumed...
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    Jihadists seize Moz port

    Spike, I honestly think that the 'Panga' may have killed more Africans than any assault rifle in the Dark continent. It is extremely sad, but that's Africa! Regards Rob
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    Single-Tusked & Tuskless Elephants By W. R. Foran

    Here's an old article of interest. Enjoy Rob