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    A Rifle Related Question For American Bear Hunters

    Here in Minnesota many black bears have been shot with a good, old .30-30, the same gun taken to the woods in November for whitetail. Most bears shot are in the 200-250 pound range but sometimes you see 300+ pound bears taken with the same rifle. These are mostly shot over bait, within 30 yards...
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    New Colt Python?

    The new Python is not the same as the original. They made some internal changes to ease production cost (including use of MIM parts). There have been known issues. I'd wait out a purchase if you're serious about acquiring one. Give Colt time to work out the kinks.
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    .357 Magnum for bear defense

    Haven't read through all the responses (so if this has been said my apology) but you'd be far better served with a Glock 20. Load it will 200 or 220 grain hard cast (yes, Glock does not recommend lead in their barrels but you'll be fine for the purpose as long as they stabilize...if not, put in...
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    Disgrunted with Nosler Ammunition

    Holy crap!!! :Wideyed:
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    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    The Nosler Partition is designed to lose around 40% of its weight in game. Most see this as a failure of sorts compared to much less loss in its nearest competitor, the Swift A-Frame.
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    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    The 220 grain Core-Lokt in a 30-06 is a match made in heaven. I used to buy the load by the case (and, as mentioned, for super cheap!). I shoot open sights, moderate range, and for me it was the ideal load (penetrates well, holds together, doesn't demolish lesser game). Now that I load my own I...
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    Big bore shooting effects on your body?

    As others have mentioned, a detached retina would be the only real cause for concern. Anything else will heal readily on its own.
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    Impact energy VS Penetration

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    Comment by 'CTDolan' in media 'Double Rifle Barrel Convergence Regulation'

    This is by far the best explanation of double rifle barrel regulation I have ever seen.
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    How possible would a double lever rifle be?

    A double in anything other than a double (be it bolt action, lever action, falling block, or some other) makes absolutely no sense to me. That said, if the old British cartridges weren't so long they'd be marvelous in a lever action platform. As it is, though, even with a pivoting bottom plate...
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    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    My last three purchases were online ( and Research the seller, of course, but I've always found them to be reliable and trustworthy. Some also offer a 3-day inspection.
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    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    It must be taken on a case by case basis. Some have wonderful wood, others marginal wood, no one period necessarily better in that regard. As for barrels, later rifles are said to have better barrels but in the case of a .458 it is academic as we're not looking for MOA accuracy. The main point...
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    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    Personally, if I was in the market for a No. 1 in .458 Lott I'd find an older one in .458 Win. Mag. and run a reamer down the chamber. The older ones (some of them anyway) seem to have been more well made and reaming the chamber to .458 Lott is about as easy as it gets.
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    2020 Bow Battle Video: Hoyt vs Mathews vs Bowtech vs PSE vs Elite vs Bear

    I watched the video about a week ago. Very well done!
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    Reloaders quality vs affordability?

    I've been using Lee for years. Bought it when young and dirt poor. Hasn't let me down yet.