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    .375 H&H for Elephant???

    If the brain is hit you will not have a problem. Its when the brain is missed that you will wish you had the 458.
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    Newbie gear list

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    MOZAMBIQUE: Disappointing Hunt Booked With Hunt It All

    It should not be difficult to book with a reputable outfit these days with forums like this one and others. Always plenty of proper experience out there.
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    9.3 x 74

    I would load 286 grn woodleighs if I was to use it on Buffalo.
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    Which rifle for lion?

    The quick fire power of a Blaser (this one in 9.3x62) was put to good use on my first tracked Zambezi Lion; The next was worked over by a large and fast moving 425WR woodleigh soft as it was departing the scene in the Niassa area;
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    Krieghoff 3 x Barrel set

    Bloody nice set. In fact to me the perfect set for Africa or Tropical Australia.
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    Poachers in Zimbabwe poison 87 elephants for ivory

    As much as I would also prefer a harsher penalty, one must know that 15 years in a Zim Jail is no party.
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    Professional Hunters - What rifle do you carry?

    Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. Just to add, Jumbo Moore has now another 470NE that he will be using. Wayne Van Den Berg use a 458LOTT-WATTS Chapp Esthaussen uses a 500NE.
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    9.3x62 Mauser

    One of my favourite rounds and have seen it in use on Buffalo, lion and Hippo. I've always used 300grn SWIFT A FRAMES and 286grn WOODLEIGH FMJs for Buffalo with good results. For lighter built game the 286grn WOODLEIGH soft's have worked flawlessly for me. Not an ideal calibre for "follow...
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    Best overall lion rifle

    If you want to do the hunt with a classic then I would go with a scoped 425Westley Richards. This Calibre worked well on my second Lion;
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    404 Finally Finished!

    I just love those classic Bolt rifles!
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    Best Trackers in Africa Today?

    I have had the pleasure to have hunted with dozens of good Trackers BUT the best three I have been with are Ian Gibson's Ndabelle tracker Robert, Stu Taylors Shona Tracker Davie and Lyndon Stanton's Shangani Tracker Jabalani. All Zimbabwean trackers. These trackers often learn there trade as...
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    9.3x64 for Buffalo?

    I have killed a few Cape Buffalo with its smaller brother the 9.3x62 and certainly consider them both adequate with well placed and well constructed Bullets. However the 293grn TUG (Uni Classic) is NOT what I would consider well constructed for Buffalo! If you can get some bullets loaded then...
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    ZIMBABWE: ZimAfrica Hunting Elephants & Buffalo With 500 Jeff & 416 Rigby

    I met the guys that would have been in camp after you. They were going for Buffalo. Unusual for PAC at this time of the year. Were they raiding crops?
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    ZIMBABWE: Bull Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris Of Zimbabwe August 2013

    Pictures with report to come of my hunt just completed with Wayne Van Den Burg of Nyamazana Safaris of Zimbabwe. I used a 470NE at communal lands adjacent to some Forestry Blocks between Bulawayo and Wankie. Some hunting terrain; One needs a shotgun for the Doves; First Bull...