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    Doing my pre-planning for 2020....Taxidermist opinions?

    Tom, Dennis did my Taxidermy as well. And like you said, he did a hell of a job. I did have a few problems but he made it right. He is a busy man for sure and the quality was worth the wait. The communication on the other hand needs improvement, but if I had to sacrifice anything communication...
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    Doing my pre-planning for 2020....Taxidermist opinions?

    Driving distance to your Taxidermist, if they have quality work, is something I would recommend. I’ll most likely never use someone that is more than 4-6 hours away from me again. I’d never consider using anyone in South Africa. You are almost powerless if things don’t go well if you use someone...
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    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    Looking good Erik! @johnnyblues, as the old saying goes “I don’t have a dog in this hunt” but Erik has been posting quite a few pictures of ducks and geese on his Facebook page.....just saying....
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    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd he delivered!! looks great @gizmo! Now we wait on the buffalo!!
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    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    It's been 5 days by my count since the last picture. Seems as if @gizmo is slacking off @johnnyblues. Maybe he's down at the gas station eating hot dogs?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG & The Hillbilly

    Congrats!! Great report and great trophies!! I love the Jerry Clower reference. One of my all time favorites!! Just listened to that story the other day. Bird hunting at Uncle Versie's!!!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Out Of The SEC A Family Adventure In South Africa

    Good luck on the hunt! Hope it turns out better than y’all so 2017 football season!! Roll Tide! All kidding aside, have a great time and enjoy it. Going with friends like that you’re bound to have a blast regardless of animals harvested.
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    Taxidermy Pictures Top of Texas

    Looking good!!!
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    Trophy room lighting

    “Three lighting elements come into play in a trophy room: 1) Perimeter lighting should, like the name implies, surround the entire room for overall wall wash. It diffuses shadows and helps 2) accent lighting accentuate the wall mounts, while 3) general lighting helps light the center of the...
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    Trophy room lighting

    I A I'm working on my room as well. I have read some places where folks recommend lights below the animals shining up. Ever heard of this?
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    ZIMBABWE: Nyamazana Elephant Hunt - Happy Birthday To Me!

    Awesome story and experience! Congratulations @Royal27 !!
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    Hidden Cost Surprises On Safari

    I've only been on one safari, but I didn't have any hidden costs either. Ricus De Villiers at White Lion Safaris was very open and clear about what all of the costs were associated with him. When the hunt was finished it was exactly what we discussed. I also didn't have any surprises with...
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    Another Top of Texas Taxidermy Pronghorn

    Well, well then...we definitely need to talk! :)