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    Full Elephant Taxidermy Mount

    Stunning [emoji106]
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    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2020 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Supposed to be May of 2020 depending on Covid situation! Hunt will take place in the Eastern Cape with De Beers Safaris! Hoping to harvest: Cape Buffalo, kudu, gemsbok, eland, red hartebeest, nyala, sable, fallow, impala, black springbok, Val rhebuck, klipspringer, bush pig, warthog, blue...
  3. South Africa Hunting Burchell's Plain Zebra

    South Africa Hunting Burchell's Plain Zebra

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    Zebra Pictures

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    Videographer / Film Maker Limpopo 2020

    Richard Leonard (in the zone media)
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    Daughter's Art Project

    I love it, looks phenomenal, I want her to do one for me
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Just go for it, enjoy the time with your friend, don’t worry about the what if’s, we can’t fix those!
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    Qatar Air

    I flew Qatar air 2 years ago and it was a very nice experience, we didn’t end up having a layover on that trip. We fly out again this May on Qatar air and have a 4 hour layover in Doha
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    MEXICO: Desert Bighorn

    Outstanding hunt and a gorgeous ram, congratulations
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    Trophy crates arrived!!!!

    Always a great day when the crates arrive !
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    For Sale Leupold VX-5 & VX-6 Scopes

    Is this still available?
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    In memoriam - Daniel Barnard of NB Safaris passed away

    I’m So sorry for the loss, I personally didn’t know Neil but I enjoy all the video hunts I have seen, true love, excitement, and passion for Africa’s wildlife and the people who benefit from the harvests. I believe the world has lost a wonderful man with his passing, but keep in mind you will...
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    Affordable 375s

    I picked up a CZ550 375 yesterday for $750 very happy with my purchase