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    Another one!

    The standard (non Monte-Carlo) were fine - not brilliant for scoped use, but for open sights they were marvellous. Thank you - it appears that CZ/Brno used different stocks in different markets.
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    Another one!

    The ones I saw marketed as DeLuxe were more Weatherby-like - with a contrasting foreend and a Monte-Carlo stock. That was whhen I was in RSA. I have only seen the "Bavarian" stock with the Schnabel on the CZs.
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    Another one!

    Forgive me for sounding like I'm ignorant, but those stocks don't look like any Brno ZKK stocks I've ever seen. They look more like the CZ stocks that have been retrofitted. probably not, since the 458L also has one with the Bavarian style buttstock. Is that normal in Europe?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Steve Hunt With LJ Safaris

    Hi Juan and Lauren - good to see you're still getting the good stuff for your clients ... I think back on my hunt with great nostalgia. Richard M
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    CZ 550 9.3x62 second recoil lug?

    I can't really talk about the CZ rifles, but I can talk about the elder brother - the Brno ZKK60x series. I have 4 of these rebarelled to various calibres - 2 x 601s converted to 7x57 and .260 Rem, a .375H&H in 602 and a 600 in 9.3x62. ALL of these have been stocked without the front lug. The...
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    Starting Out

    Al, I'm going to throw a hand-grenade into the henhouse here and tell you what my family used to do. Back in RSA in the 70's we were having difficulty getting cases, and my Dad wanted to reload his .30-06, so every time we went to the range, we would scour the firing line for cases. Eventually...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Africa Hunt With Molopo Kalahari Safaris In NW Province South Africa

    Hi Brian - some wonderful animals there - and old Africa hands reckon the Wildebeest was born sick, but gets better and livelier ever shot it takes .... What was the nearest town, BTW? I lived in NW for many years and wonder where you guys were. Thanks
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    .458 Winchester vs. .458 Lott

    If you happened to be imagining that story, then you were somehow broadcasting it to me as well. :) What the people are talking about here with the 458WM and the Weatherbies is different. Freebore in the 458WM means that the bullet leaves the case and still has to traverse +- 1 cm of chamber...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Review LJ Hunting Safaris

    I am the crippled cousin, and I was there. Adrian is spot on with his review. I still dream of that Eland steak dinner Adrian spoke about. One of my top 10 and I turned 60 this year. Apart from endorsing them as enthusiastically as Adrian has, I have to say the Mitsubishi Triton bakkie is a...
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    Lynx mounts are perfect on CZ - I may be opiniated, though. See Talk to your SA dealer.
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    How Did You Get Started Become Interested In Reloading

    Sorry - didn't want you to feel defensive, just how we felt. Didn't want to start anything political.
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    How Did You Get Started Become Interested In Reloading

    It's the fault of Western Civilization - you guys hated us guys in South Africa. :cautious: It was really that sanctions were biting, and very little ammo was getting through, and that ammo was really, really expensive. If you had a .308, you could probably "score" military ammo, but it was...
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    Good Luck Today South Africa

    That must hurt them :giggle::LOL: Probably bused too many supporters out to Cape Town, trying to destabilise that ....:A Banana: :A Blowup:
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    Moderate .375 H&H loads your experience?

    I would stick to 3031 or Varget, since I hear that the 4350s don't really like reduced loads much. Whether what I hear is true,I cannot say, but ....
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    Re 17 is anAlliant powder - Hodgdon won't be saying much about it - see