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    8x68S owner's opinions

    I have a Mauser 2000 in 8X68S, a great calibre in my opinion as it works well. It has the capability to shoot the long distances but also capable of using the heavier projectiles if needed. Mine is currently unscoped and will happily shoot out to 150 meters when hunting. Depending on the load...
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    Live cam safari drive

    Below is a link for another option.
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    Who can identify this track..?

    Spring hair?
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    Sock savers/gaiters necessary?

    I can vouch on the Boyt gaiters, as a PH they work well and they are comfortable. I would suggest them even with long trousers.
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    WANTED: Help on first Safari

    Have a look at Eulalie Hunting of South Africa. They have some fantastic kudu and impala, with a family setup lodge. They accommodate both rifle and bow hunting. Let us know who you end up going with! Enjoy
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    Mauser Model 2000 7x64 Brenneke

    Great rifle!! I have a Mauser 2000 but its cambered for 8x68S. Hunted almost all the plains game with it and more than happy with it. Happy shooting and keen to hear what the out come of the soot is. Enjoy!!
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    New Toy Classic Bruno

    We had a rifle I almost identicle to that also chambered in 8x60. Sadly it was destroyed by the SAPS by accident well it was in safe keeping well our competence certificates were in the works. @Mauser78 if you ever consider selling the rifle I'd be very interested. Beautiful rifle I hope you...
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    Identify this spoor....

    On a smaller note a jackal and impala ?? But that's just to be different from everyone else
  9. Kudu


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    Howzit Hannes. Being a follower of the AfricanHunting page I've seen you have quite an input on...

    Howzit Hannes. Being a follower of the AfricanHunting page I've seen you have quite an input on the site with some good pictures. Im not trying to be strange with a random friend invite but seeing as you another very keen young hunter from Africa I thought why not.
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    Taxidermy 62 Inch Kudu Mount

    Beautiful work, very impressed!!! Out of interest sake where was the bull hunted? Again well done Im very impressed!!
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    Comment by 'Bindie' in media 'Warthog'

    on who's farm did you hunt the pig?
  13. Duiker


  14. Wildebeest trophy

    Wildebeest trophy