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    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    Everything I need to make the decision- thanks a million.
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    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    So this is a pretty specific scenario: I have a build in mind, but I need some guidance on the details: Specifics: Bolt gun, detachable magazine, 23-24" barrel, suppressor Desired projectiles and velocities: 1) 210-220gr mono (hunting) 2800ft/s 2) 155gr tmk or similar (training and messing...
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    Eating Wild P1

    Hi guys and gals, Its been a while, but we've been doing a few cool things that will be featured in the next few pieces, so no loss! Just a quick bit on eating game- a beginners guide, if you will. Hope you enjoy it! Eating Wild- Introducing Venison to Your Diet, Part 1 (Bringing home the...
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    Social Media Links

    Hi guys, I'm looking to connect with members on social media- Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn- and I was wondering if it's within forum rules to share those links on the forum?
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    The Importance Of Children

    Hi all, Please excuse my tardiness- things have been manic this side. So last week's article was an interesting experience: I'm not overly happy with it, but I felt it time to start changing up the tone as not to have the same predicable air. It's going to take some practice, however, as I have...
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    The Value Of Female Hunters

    I'm glad that there are other hunters that share the same sentiment. My experience of female hunters is that once they get into it, they're deadly. Women are usually better listeners (generalization, I know) and thus learn a little faster. They also shoot really well, as a general rule- I'm...
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    The Value Of Female Hunters

    Hi guys and gals, This week I have the pleasure of writing on a topic I really feel strongly about- it was recently national Woman's Day here in RSA and I want to do something to commemorate that with everything that's been going on lately. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, please feel free...
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    Hi, I am Eveline Stalling

    Best of luck- no doubt you are more than capable. I'm sure my girlfriend will be seriously keen to have a chat with you at some point- awesome to see more women making big strides in the industry. I see I'm really late to the party, but the point stands.
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    Canvas Is King

    You drive a defender in the US? That must be a pain regarding parts? Awesome 110- I drive a 90 here in SA.
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    Canvas Is King

    Hi guys, New one, for your enjoyment. Some beautiful spots here. Forgot just how amazing some of these places are- was actually nice going through all the old shots. Canvas Is King- A Look At Modern Day Camping Options (One of the reasons we camp- Segal Rieger) A quick disclaimer before I...
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    Big female Warthog

    That's a lekker "little" piggie there- congrats. Years of hunting corn thieves on and off and the biggest tusker I shot had tusks no longer than my thumb. Would love a big pig one day- very happy for you.
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    So You Think You Want To Start Fishing

    Cheers guys, thank you for the supportive words and I'm glad that this brought a few smiles to members. @Dinosaur and @Andrew Short you are both exceedingly kind- I really appreciate the generosity. Fishing is picking up nicely, prespawn bass are smacking the weightless rigs.
  13. Bass Fishing South Africa

    Bass Fishing South Africa

  14. Fishing Bass in South Africa

    Fishing Bass in South Africa

  15. South Africa Fishing Bass

    South Africa Fishing Bass