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  1. ChrisG
    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen this is a 12 bore rifled carbine firing a 775 grain, .732" wadcutter at around 1050 fps. You can see the progression of the project in the 12 bore schrifle thread.
  2. Rick Cox
    Thing of beauty. I'm jealous,,
  3. Foxi
  4. Rick Cox
    Her shoes are no different than the PH's. Maybe she had a gun bearer and shot off sticks. Or maybe she's just tough. Believe it or not, I've known a few tough, no let me rephrase, quite a few...
  5. Foxi
    i don't think the lady chased and shot the elephant. The gun is much to heavy for this delicate person, and i don't think she stalked through the bush in these shoes either :-) Just my feeling...
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