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  1. Foxi
    I am sometimes hard of grasp or have not always read everything, therefore: What does this have to do with the Georgian?
  2. Von Gruff
    Sorry for the delay @Newboomer but the forum has been impossible to get on to today. That is the Old Western has a 4 1/4 inch 1095 blade from 3/16 bar stock
  3. Newboomer
    I like that shape. What are the specs?
  4. Rick Cox
    @Witold Krzyżanowski you know there are other calibers? Right? Jes' kiddin' bud....
  5. CoElkHunter
    @2400 Ok, I will, but you won’t like what you’ll see. At least there won’t be any dirty laundry in the photo! Ha! Ha!
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