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  1. Southeastsafari
    @Firebird thankyou I'm happy with the bullet choice. With out a doubt I can get my groups tighter with more range time. It's been 2 years since iv fired a full size rifle round since I hurt my...
  2. BnC 04
    Well done bud! Some beauties
  3. Firebird
    Good caliber and bullet choice-glad they work great for you!
  4. Dean2
    Nice picture. Good to see some quality photography. A lot of the stuff posted the last while has not been great for lighting, composition or structure.
  5. Kevin Peacocke
    I don't suppose they still exist? Maybe in different guise, ill look them up. A champagne experience is to visit Westley Richards in Birmingham, all the old posters and adverts are just part of...
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