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  • Australia Hunt Asiatic Water Buffalo
    That's a cracker!!
  • Bear Hunt
    Thanks! Now i just need to figure out where to put it... i guess that's a good problem to have?!
    Umbelivable - congratulations!
    How much he squares?
  • AHR .416 Ruger Rifle
    Seem to have completely screwed this up. Seems to be in wrong category. Ignore. :)
  • AHR .416 Ruger Rifle
    Looks like I may have missed your inquiry 450 Rigby! Apologies. Bumping this to the top.

    I just noticed that my description was flawed a bit. I don’t have the build sheet, but this had to be full custom build.

    edit: heck, just bumped this from my phone. Let me get to the computer in a bit...
  • Asiatic Water Buffalo Hunt
    Indeed, thank you... those are my sons.