Surprise while in hide
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Surprise while in hide

Sidenote: Anyone that tells you to just stay calm and don't loose your sh*t when a snake slithers it's way up under your blind is either blind or hasn't had it happen to them yet. I tried hard but failed miserably. 6" from my thigh when I noticed the 5' rat snake. Just glad I found my phone....
G'day BNC 4,

That is hilarious, thank you for the laugh, you have made my day :ROFLMAO: You have described the moment well, I can just picture you. It would have been like the You Tube clips with cats and cucumbers :)

I have had similar experiences and yes, a quick side on glance at anything odd that wasn't there the last time you looked can be disturbing, even if you brain is recognizing it as harmless.

Cats scared of Cucumbers Compilation - Cats Vs Cucumbers - Funny Cats



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