Thomas G. Vogt

Ruger #1 .405 Laminate Rifle

#1 .405 Laminate stock. Serial number 134-11xxx, 2006? With Simmons 3 x 9 ProHunter WA in their Silver finish. From my research the Stainless Tropical .405 was made three years 2003-2006. The serial number puts this one at 2006. As with the other two #1's I have listed this one looks unfired. Not a mark anywhere on the metal or stock and the bore is perfect. The previous owner installed a Simmons 3 x 9 WA scope in the factory Stainless mounts/Rings. Duplex reticle with perfect glass. It does have one very small spot( pencil point) on the tube. The owner also added a very nice wide leather sling with the Ruger name on it.

Ruger #1 .405 Laminate Rifle
Thomas G. Vogt, Feb 14, 2020
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