Nosler Custom Model 48 Rifle in 7x57

Nosler Custom Model 48 Rifle in 7x57

So this landed today at my dealers. Nosler Custom (box label says) Model 48 in 7x57. Pretty much NOS maybe a few test rounds but no more I don't think. From what I can see it looks like good quality throughout. Receiver is bedded on both ends with a block hanging off the bottom of the tang for bedding.
I like that it has substantial wood in the trigger well area unlike most Mausers or similar, that always seem to crack there. I don't think this one will. Trigger is sweet at just over 2#. Feeds, extracts and ejects fine. Muzzle measure at .615", so not too wimpy at 24" long. Rifle weighs just over 7# empty.
Hopefully get it to the range next week. Here are a few pix. Pretty handsome rifle I think.

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