Knife Collection
Kevin Peacocke

Knife Collection

There are some very good knife makers here in Zimbabwe. Below is a small collection, from the bottom a buffalo skinner with wild mahogany I think. I have since given this one to my son in law who fell in love with it. The slight one with the white bolster is hippo tusk and tambootie. The hippo tusk was the one featured in the story of the canoe capsize survivor on the Zambezi who was guarded through the night by a dagga boy buff who came and lay down next to him. In the morning he noticed the tusk right there and kept it. The Damascus one is off the internet, not much good, but the sharp point is good for dispatching tigerfish. We have since added a beautiful bush knife for my wife with warthog tusk and wild olive. My other son in law gave me a Purdey Damascus knife with brass bolster and walnut. Couldnt get an edge on it at all, so took it back to dead hard and then barely tempered it at all. Problem solved, it now shaves.
You got some “pretty” knives there Kevin . Just like most people on this forum I appreciate good looking and functioning guns & knives , thank you for sharing .

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