My custom made Martini

My custom made Martini

Some of you may recall my post when I first received my custom made Martini Gunmakers .300 Win Mag. I love that gun, and it's served me well on a number of hunts since I received it. Well, this is what it looked like when I unpacked it from the Tuffpak it was packed in:
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@Hank2211 I think I can safely predict that no one - individual, company, or agency - will raise their hand and say "my bad."
I still say that the break shows almost zero evidence of splintering which is what happens when a stick is broken that has grain running lengthways which should be the case of through the wrist. The fact that it does not is an indication that grain is running out of the wrist from one side to the other. It matters not whether the stock wood was hard and dry if the grian is not running lengthwise through the wrist. I have repaired and or replaced stocks that have broken through the wrist when the owner fell while traversing a creek in one instance and off a rock slide in the other. In both cases the whole weight of the owner came down on the wrist and there was considerable damage with splintering and pieces breaking out as both stocks has . That stock will connect back together and with a good glue to hold it (for demonstration purposes) and there would be almost no sign of the break except for the finish at the edges.
I'd agree with @Von Gruff . No splintering means poor grain structure. Not to take anything away from the maker, though, for even the best make mistakes from time to time.
What ever happened with this?
What ever happened with this?
PARA45, it turns out that this thread is under Media" and not "Forums." For some reason beyond my technical abilities to understand, that means that it's hard to post pictures. So I will start a new thread, and answer your question.


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