Von Gruff

My 404 Jeffery

My 404 Jeffery is built on a 1952 FN Colombian 98 that I had bought in 1982 as an origional 30-06.

My 404 Jeffery
Von Gruff, Jul 15, 2010

    • Sanglier14
      Whoow would like too have such a rifle
    • tarbe
      She's a beauty!
    • Witold Krzyżanowski
      Beautiful rifle in excellent coliber.
    • ZG47
      Nice rifle. Practical and beautiful stock. Sensible sights too but I wouldn't expect anything less from the master!
    • Dave Hawkins
      A real beauty, Von Gruff! Obviously you had to "stretch" the action to go from a standard to magnum and find a barrel. You must've had to buy 2 actions to make one?? Also, is that the original stock? What did you change?
    • Von Gruff
      Dave that is a 1950's FN Colombian ex military action I started with and only opened up the magazine with half the rear wall filed away with the front of the mag removed and a new front welded on. The stock is one I made from the blank. The rifle is a full custom build I did some years back If you email me at vongruff@gmail.com I can send you the write-up I did the the NZ Guns and Hunting magazine at the time.
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    Jul 15, 2010
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