Mountain Caribou
Taken in NWT with longstanding outfitter, Stan Stevens, Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters. This was a backpack hunt using pack dogs. From spike camp on Day 1, we saw three bulls traveling in a line on a ridge. This guy was the biggest and he fell to a 30.06. Back then, I used an original Steyr Model M Professional with a cycolac stock because synthetic stocked rifles that could stand harsh elements were just emerging from custom makers. It did yeoman's work wherever I took it. This terrible picture does not showcase the majesty of this animal, but this lucky double-shovel bull at one time ranked in the Top-10.
Very Nice Bou, I have the exact rifle to this day. I like the old steyrs with cycolac stocks .
Thanks BC.Pat. I have had great service from those old Model Ms. I took a B&C moose with it in NWT and big game everywhere else. On more than one occasion, my gun showed up and the gear bag with ammo didn't. So, I learned to use guns in standard calibers because ammo was more likely to be found or borrowed a lot easier in a pinch. Funny how working rifles in the most basic calibers still work!! I even used a Remington 673 guide gun in .350 Rem. Mag. for barrenground muskox in Nunavut and bongo in Cameroon. It's even homelier looking than the Model M, but it works great in cramped quarters. Take care.

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