Lee- Enfield No4 MK 2 Rifle
Paul Raley

Lee- Enfield No4 MK 2 Rifle

In SA from time to time one of the “sniper” No4 MK 1 or 2’s will come up for sale , they have a different butt stock and a factory fitted scope mount and scope , these are quite sought after by collectors . Apparently these were standard military 303’s that shot tight groups when tested then were converted to the sniper version . ( As I am not a Lee-Enfield expert I cannot confirm that my information is factual , but this is what I have been told )
Attached are photos of my standard Lee-Enfield No4 MK 2 that I bought from the SA Army for the equivalent of $3 ( current exchange rate ) USD in about 1991 .
I have not yet tested the accuracy of this rifle in terms of grouping on a target but it easily hits a coke tin at 100m without much skill .
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