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My (and the wife's) edc knife pocket dump. On the left is my Leatherman Fuse. Top right is my Kershaw (I don't remember the model, this is an older picture, and I'm just lounging in shorts). Middle right is my Buck 303. And the bottom is the wife's Kershaw Ken Onion Vapor (she asked for that knife specifically, and it was discontinued and Ken Onion is no longer with Kershaw, but I found one).

The Buck was a gift from my parents when i could still count my age on my hands. I lost it for 6 months in a pile of cardboard when I was 11 (it fell out of my shirt pocket). An employee of our business found it, and it came home). I carried it every day while in high school (class of 2001, so in school when Columbine happened). I actually had a teacher ask to borrow it one day.

A friend had the principal ask to borrow his.
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