Insect Protection

Insect Protection

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I have used those mosquito nets. They work very well. Northern Canada has some bad ares for bugs.

I always though that type of net would be good for face camo as well. It's hard to tell by the bright photo above but a mosquito net tends to take the gleam/shine off the face.

It's just just a comment. Who know for sure if camo really works but people say that a bright white face is easy for the game to see.
Tanks, Brian & all fellow wanderers,

I agree with your idea Brian that, anti-bug net fabric should at least reduce the “pale face effect” when a critter stares suspiciously, toward whatever spot we happen to be hiding in.
From experience, I know that it reduces facial sun burn for sure.
I discovered that while wearing mine, during a sunny weather fishing trip, surrounded by a swampy area, over a several day long outing.

I have carried a similar anti-insect head net for 39 years throughout bush Alaska plus, South Africa, Namibia, Central & South America.
So far, I’ve not needed it in Namibia but, for everywhere else just mentioned, I have used it often enough to always bring it each time I go anywhere biting insects might be abundant.

Mine has very fine mesh, to keep out a dreadful little pest here in Alaska, known as the “no-seeum”.
They are a flying, biting gnat, native to parts of Alaska, Canada and other northern climes.
They are probably related to the tropical ones known as “sand fleas”.
I say that because their grievous bite causes a festering, weeping little volcano of itching misery, lasting several days.
Sand flea bites do the same to myself and everyone I know who has enjoyed their swarms.
Mosquito bites are feeble compared to either of these little demons.

My anti-bug net consists of two of the tubular shaped ones (sold many places throughout Alaska) that, I have sewn together, resulting in an extra long tubular one.
This way, I am able to tuck the lower end of it well down into my shirt, thereby keeping out even the most determined biters.
The top end has an elastic band in it.
That part goes over the crown of my fedora.
The brim of said hat keeps the net both from sliding down and it also keeps the net away from my face.

I guess that’s about all the news that’s fit to print around here.
Velo Dog.
I used the net only that one time. Rest of the time just shooed the Tsetse flies and those flies away while tracking.

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