Bullet Performance

Thought I would add these to the list.Left to right: 1 to 5; .416 Rem Mag factory loads. 1: Swift A Frame 400 gr Cape Buffalo side lung shot @20 yards. 2: Swift A Frame 400 gr Cape Buffalo fontal shot @10 Yards 3: Swift A Frame 400 gr Cape Buffalo Side shoulder shot @15 yards 4: Swift A Frame 400 gr Cape Buffalo Frontal shot @27 yards 5: Mono Solid 400gr Cape Buffalo Rear raking shot 35 yards 6: .404 Jeffry RWS factory load 400 gr solid Cape Buffalo 8 yards

Bullet Performance
SWARA, Apr 28, 2017
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    • ve7poi
      Nice collection
    • cmk
      Interesting. Very little expansion on #3 and #4, given the short range. At ~25 meters, you'd expect them to look more like #1.

      Are these factory loaded, or reduced handloads?
    • SWARA
      @cmk They are all .416 Rem, Remington factory loads. Except the last one on the right which is a 404 Jeffery RWS factory load.
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