.303 Westley Richards Rifle

.303 Westley Richards Rifle

Recently purchased a bsa le1 which was meant to be chambered in ".318 nitro express"... aka .318 westley richards... its just not. appears to be .303... which means i now i own 4 x .303 with a desire to own 1...
so now i own a rough .303 sporter... again, im not sure you could even chamber a .318 in an enfield action

in any case i now own brass, projectiles and dies to load .318 just nothing too shoot it from, which funny enough the brass and dies were all available in my state...

was wondering what would be a good action to build one on?
would an old swedish mauser work?

has be control round feed, not a cz550 as iv already got enough of those...
and cheap ish...

swedish mausers are cheap in australia as are most sporter old mauser actioned guns... around $500 aud.

The other consideration would be a parker hale, they often come up, already in a neat sporter stock, decent action..what cartridge size would be a good start? 30-06 or something? im guessing 243winchester would be way to short and painful too convert.... less smithing the better
suggestions ?
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