Remington .308 180 gr Bullet Performance

Remington .308 180 gr Bullet Performance

Above are two Remington .308 180 gr bullets. Left is PSPCL, Right is SPCL. Both were fired from a 300 Wby 3100 fps MV into waterfilled milk jugs at 15 ft. One could say that they both failed in that they lost their cores however I don't see them as failing since both bullets penetrated four jugs, penetration over 2 feet (milk jugs are 6 inches in diameter). Both cores and jackets were in the final 5th jug indicating that the cores and jackets remained together during the expansion until the jacket pealed back past the locking shoulder so during the first four jugs both jackets/cores were intact. Compared to other bullets so tested these bullets faired well in the test and while possibly not a choice for DG would certainly be adequate for PG.
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