Optics thoughts, Leica vs Leupold

If one wants true 1x and still want to have high magnification at the other end I think that Steiners New 1-10x24 might be worth a look.

For myself I went with a Swarovski z8i 1,7-13,3x42 for my incoming custom .375 H&H since I feel that I want high magnification and better dusk capabilities more then I need true 1x.


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I'm new here.
Just a thought...
While the German glass is obviously premium, it comes with a premium cost. As well months to get a repair if your in the US.
Leupold is much faster and affordable.
I have had a Kahles out of country, being fixed for 7 months.
If it's a older European rifle, soft use, I'll do the German glass, but, if it's something that could conceivable be abused, I'll go with domestic glass.

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