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Long time reader, finally decided to join. I uses this forum a bunch in researching one of my favorite rifles, and see you guys have a few threads dedicated to it. For whatever reason, I always wanted a Ruger No 1. In researching, I decided I'd try to get in the most stout chambering offered from the factory so my search for a 458 Lott began. While researching the Lott and such, most of the results came from this forum. Anywho, while I hunted I came across a box of 19rds of 458 Lott at a gun show for about half price. Seller said he shot it once and said never again. I had that ammo for 2 years before finding the right rifle. In the meantime, I was pretty intimidated from hearing how unbearable it is to shoot, so was honestly pretty nervous to squeeze that trigger. It's stout for sure, but not nearly what I was expecting...and I fell in love. Been researching a 460 Weatherby so will probably create a thread for that quest, but there's my story and how I found yall!

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Welcome to AH. You got a great rifle there!

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You interested in any trades in reference to the 375 w/Leupold?
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Thanks again for the great deal on the Taylor brass and getting it here quick. Appreciate it for sure!
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Are theses new in box? Not reloads? Thanks , Neil