For Sale Winchester Mod 70 Super Grade 338 Win Mag

I was original owner of this rifle and what happened to Mark is about sickening! The only reason I sold it was it was too nice for me to take to the field. I had similar experience with a rifle I shipped to PacNor by UPS, when it got there the trigger was broken off. I had shipped it insured and my claim was denied because I hadn’t taken pictures of how I packed it and PacNor didn’t take pictures of packaging when it arrived. I’m about to the point I’ll only do FTF sales and if I do have to ship, what’s the use in paying for insurance? I’ve got a 458 Lott for sale on here now but I’ve about decided to keep it unless I get a hell of an offer.

With all of this said, I’m sorry this happened to Mark and the buyer of what was once a beautiful rifle.
I bought this beautiful rifle from Mark and was just sick when I went to pick it up and found the cracked stock and scratches on the trigger guard. Mark was great to deal with and had sent me pics of the rifle as it was being packaged and there was no way the rifle was anything but perfect when it left Texas. Why the gun shop opened the package remains a mystery to me. They had never done that before, and IF I use them again I will demand they do not open until I get there.
As this has unfolded I’m surprised to find it’s not at all uncommon for guns to be damaged in shipment and that paying for insurance seems worthless.
I feel very bad for Mark, who did all he could do to ensure safe travel for the rifle and for the beautiful stock that is now lost forever.
If the case wasn’t damaged, sounds like whoever unpacked the rifle damaged it. Scratches on the metal would make me think it was dropped.
I’ve had issues twice with a firearm and parts shipped. The first was caused by the shop that received it. They unpacked the rifle before it got there. A new Heym Express with a 4” long gash in the barrel from a box cutter. Of course they denied it.
The second was a Brevex magnum action i shipped to a gunsmith for a rifle build. Shipped and insured through FedEx it never arrived. They denied the claim. FedEx insurance is absolutely useless.

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