1. Just Gina

    My Newest Addition

    After returning home from South Africa last May, I was talking about adding a .375 HH to the gun collection after I used Marius' (@KMG Hunting Safaris) for my giraffe. Well, I got one and I LOVE IT, however, @Shootist43 recommended I look into a .404 Jeffery. So, I began reading about them and...
  2. Just Gina

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris Honeymoon Hunt-Her Side of the Story

    Greetings to all! Here is my first attempt at a South African hunting report. Grab a coffee and have a seat! *Mike gave me permission to post his photos since his hunting report is not yet finished--he is swamped with work at the moment** This trip was the most exciting trip of my entire life...