1. 2

    Vintage Ammo! — Shoot / Don’t Shoot

    I have some older ammo. About 30 years old. I would like to hunt Buffalo with. Any concerns? Shoot / Don’t Shoot A-Squared 375 H&H 300 Grain Federal 375 H&H 300 Grain Thanks 275
  2. Mnelson2

    ISO Unwanted African Animal Skulls & Trophies

    Hey all, I’m unable to go out on my own safari just yet, so in the meantime i collect African skulls and taxidermy. If you have some your looking to sell or barter, and you are within the US feel free to direct message me, and hopefully we can work something out. Location Boston, Ma. All the...
  3. DieJager

    Vintage Lion Hunting

  4. T

    How Old Are These Kynoch Cartridges?

    I recently acquired some vintage Kynoch cartridges. As you can see in the photos, they are in an older-style box, and there is what could be a lot number on the reverse of the box. The cartridges are of sufficient age that there is very slight oxidation on the exposed lead (soft-nose) bullet...
  5. WebleyGreene455

    Vintage Falling Blocks!

    Let's see some pics and info! Your own rifles, ones you've found for sale, ones you just like, all sorts! I already made a thread about this one I found: Here's another nifty one I've never seen before...
  6. Rick Cox

    Vintage Trapping Pictures

    These were taken in Northern British Colombia around 1970 - 1972. Quality is poor - sorry. The cougar tried to attack me chopping wood, but thanks to my dog, I got an early warning in time to grab the .303. The griz was attacking our pigs. The small black critter is a prime fisher.