1. A

    Turkey - Ibex

    Planning my next overseas hunt for 2024 and was wondering can anyone reccomend a good Outfitter for an Ibex Hunt in Turkey? Preferably with personal experience with the Outfitter not just word of mouth Thank-you in advance
  2. OptimO

    Turkey Hunting Video WNYA

    Its that time of the year, turkey season is rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood. Turkey Hunting Video>>
  3. Lrntolive

    Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!

    Turkey season is right around the corner for me and has started in many places in the US. I just went to Cabela's and they had some Flambeau decoys on sale for $11 each. A great deal for a decoy that looks decent and rolls up nicely. I'm not the best turkey hunter, but I give it my best. I know...