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    For Sale 9.6ft Van Ingen Tiger Rug Pristine UK Sale

  2. Mnelson2

    Wanted Tanned Skins, Taxidermy, Mounts In USA

    Hey all, I run a small taxidermy/oddities shop in New England and I’m always looking to source interesting pieces for my shop. If you have exotic animal skin rugs, shoulder mounts, tanned skins, skulls or anything neat I am definitely interested. Just shoot me a PM and let me know what you...
  3. Lrntolive

    Colorado House Bill 1341 to Ban Sale, Purchase or Trade...

    Just got this from SCI: On April 14, the House Health, Insurance & Environment Committee is holding a hearing on House Bill 1341, which prohibits the sale, purchase, trade, or distribution of any covered animal species part or product, including ivory. Contact your State Rep and Committee...
  4. Africa Mounts and Hides

    Africa Mounts and Hides

    Mounts at fish camp at night
  5. Fishing in Namibia, Zambezi river

    Fishing in Namibia, Zambezi river

  6. Huge Javan Tiger shot in 1957

    Huge Javan Tiger shot in 1957

    This is a rare photo of an Huge Javan Tiger shot in remote plantation area in 1957. Javan Tigers are thought to be of small size but this one is extraordinary, indicating that documented size of extinct Javan Tiger may be controversial. If not, this is undoubtedly the largest Javan Tiger ever shot.