swift a-frame

  1. 2

    Norma 375 H&H Swift A-Farme

    Have any of you guys used or hunted with Norma 375 H&H ammo? Let me know your experiences and likes and dislikes. What should I expect to pay for a box of 20 rounds? Thanks 275
  2. J

    300 Winchester Magnum bullets for plains game

    What do recommend as a bullet for plains game? Largest animal I’m shooting is a kudu and I may possible use the rifle for a giraffe, smallest is an impala.
  3. Rum Runner

    Velocity Issue

    *Velocity Issue* I'm happy to say I'm off to Africa in August and am working up a load for my .416 Rigby. This will be a dangerous game hunt, and my PH specified 400 gr Swift A-Frames followed by 400 gr Barnes Banded Solids. I like Vihtavuori N560, but their official max load data only...
  4. Hogpatrol

    For Sale Swift A-Frame Bullets .358 Caliber 250 Gr.

    Want to sell: Selling for a buddy who's cleaning out some old stuff in his reloading room, two boxes of 50 (100 total) of Swift .358 A-Frame 250 grain bullets. As shown in photos, they are old stock with some discoloration/oxidation on the tips. One box was opened to inspect and show, the other...