1. franzfmdavis

    Rigby Big Game .375H&H

    I have a good friend who recently became the Rigby dealer for the Midwest. He just imported a beautiful new big game in 375 H&H (14 3/4 LOP). It’s a great option for anyone looking for a heirloom do it all rifle! You can find his information online: Gentz Sporting Arms in Lakeville, MN.
  2. franzfmdavis

    Hornady’s Factory .275 Rigby - Reproduced Load Data

    For those who want to reproduce the ballistics of Hornady’s factory .275 Rigby 140gr Interlock SP, I came across this load data: - 139gr Spire Points - 47gr H-4350 - CCI #200 Primers - Bullet seated just behind the front edge of the cannelure - OAL 3.180” This produces a velocity of 2,681fps.
  3. A

    Fine rifles

    Dear friends, upon request of some members I post photos of german and british rifles from my collection. (Mausers are possibly for sale) Hope anybody will enjoy. Alessandro 1. Type B cal. 7x57 2. Type L cal. 8x60 N 3. Type S cal. 8x60 N 4. Type B (1943) cal. 8x57JS 5. Mod. Ms350B cal...
  4. Tintin

    One for the RIgby fans

    Some fine Rigby wares on display at a toy shop I visted this week.
  5. Tintin

    For like minded souls who enjoy Rigbys, doubles and .22LRs

  6. D

    Wanted 404 Jeffrey Or 470 NE

    Hello, Im looking for a 404 Jeffrey or 416 or 470 Double for Buffalo Hunting?
  7. PaulB

    John Talbot Clifton Rigby .275

    Hello all, I purchased this rifle in London last year, The original owner was an interesting chap, he used this rifle all over the world on many adventures. John Talbot Clifton (1 December 1868 – 23 March 1928), known as Talbot Clifton, was an English landowner, traveler, and world renown...
  8. LES7

    275 Rigby Highland Stalker Jim Corbett Series

    Riffles I don’t want to sell listing #5. I really struggled listing this one along with my big bores. My shoulders are shot, but I can still shoot this. However I’m going to focus on fishing and will use these funds for my boat. it’s a Rigby w/ Mauser action, what else needs to be said...
  9. plkardasz

    416 Rigby By Rigby Bespoke Rifle

    Big game rifle in caliber 416 Rigby, model BG 195 Big Game DSB. Custom made by Rigby in London in 2015. The 24” lightweight barrel features the traditional Rigby ¼ rib. The rifle was made in the highest available specification, including: Grade 9 wood London Best oil finish Chequered bolt...
  10. 2

    Fine Guns / Safari / Kansas City

    Is there any good fine gun shops or high end safari outfitters in or near Kansas City? Thanks for any help! 275
  11. 2

    ** Old Colonial Treasures **

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_mRrSNuv4qfEDtGvIpHeTA ** Old Colonial Treasures ** Enjoy! Thanks 275
  12. neckdeep

    Federal Premium Safari Ammunition 416 Rigby 400 Grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Cheap!!

    I have 38 rounds new in the box, priced at less than half of new delivered if it was in stock anywhere on earth. Hoping someone will take this along and give it to their PH, I would but not taking a Rigby anytime soon, or take it for yourself $225 shipped to you
  13. 2

    Rigby / Holland & Holland / Westley Richards

    I am looking into having a bolt rifle in 375 H&H built. The rifle would be extensively used for hunting. I would like to know if you guys have any experience good or bad with Rigby Holland and Holland or Westley Richards. I have been around older and vintage Rigbys and Westley Richards but not...
  14. neckdeep

    For Sale Hornady Custom Grade 2-Die Set 416 Rigby

    Hornady Custom Grade 2-Die Set 416 Rigby Shellholder included $100 shipped USPS Priority Mail
  15. P

    Rifle appraisal

    Hi- I own a Rigby rifle in a .350 that was re-bored into a .375 Flanged sometime in the 1990s Rigby Believes. They told me the rifle was sold in 1903 to Charles Bulpett who a lot of know was a fairly famous British hunter in Kenya, wrote a few books, etc. My question is if I decided I wanted...
  16. 2

    Wanted NIB Ruger African 275 Rigby

    Looking for NIB Ruger 275 Rigby bolt rifle SKU: 47180.
  17. J

    An evening in South Africa with Jérôme Lanoue from Rigby

    Join me Jérôme Lanoue of Rigby’s International Sales team at Lynnwood Safari Outdoor in South Africa on Wednesday December 9 at 6pm. You'll get a chance to get hands on with a few fine Rigby rifles. Looking forward to seeing some of you a the event! Safari Outdoor Pretoria Cnr Lynnwood Road and...
  18. Bullthrower338

    Rigby 458 Win Mag

    Good afternoon all! While I was cruising gun shops on my way home from a meeting in South Texas I ran across an interesting rifle. It was a Rigby but built on a Sako action???? I sent pictures to @spike.t and asked if Rigby had in fact built rifles on Sako Actions. Mike contacted Paul Roberts...
  19. S

    Rigby made in California......any experience

    Found a California built Rigby double rifle! Does anyone have any experience with one?
  20. CBH Australia

    Blaser vs Rigby

    So it’s a weekend and I want to invoke some comments. The Blaser nuts are all over those things and the Rigby are offering some nice CRF rifles assembled by them. What are you preferences and what other big end rifles should I have named? I can afford either but I’d like to try a Blaser or a...
  21. Jager Waffen74

    Any idea of used value of this Rifle??? Custom Dangerous Game

    I am wanting to know what I should be asking for this rifle, I was originally asking 5700.00 with the scope, but I just sold the scope, so anyone know what the rifle is worth to someone?? When it was built they were around 6k-6500.00 Now they are selling for 8k from Mr. Christman if you can get...
  22. A

    Heym, Rigby or Mauser?

    Does anyone have any experience with either the HEYM Martini Express, the Rigby Big Game, or the Mauser m98 Magnum? Considering a rifle in .375HH, curious at to whether there are any standout differences between the three. Any input appreciated.