1. J

    An evening in South Africa with Jérôme Lanoue from Rigby

    Join me Jérôme Lanoue of Rigby’s International Sales team at Lynnwood Safari Outdoor in South Africa on Wednesday December 9 at 6pm. You'll get a chance to get hands on with a few fine Rigby rifles. Looking forward to seeing some of you a the event! Safari Outdoor Pretoria Cnr Lynnwood Road and...
  2. Bullthrower338

    Rigby 458 Win Mag

    Good afternoon all! While I was cruising gun shops on my way home from a meeting in South Texas I ran across an interesting rifle. It was a Rigby but built on a Sako action???? I sent pictures to @spike.t and asked if Rigby had in fact built rifles on Sako Actions. Mike contacted Paul Roberts...
  3. S

    Rigby made in California......any experience

    Found a California built Rigby double rifle! Does anyone have any experience with one?
  4. CBH Australia

    Blaser vs Rigby

    So it’s a weekend and I want to invoke some comments. The Blaser nuts are all over those things and the Rigby are offering some nice CRF rifles assembled by them. What are you preferences and what other big end rifles should I have named? I can afford either but I’d like to try a Blaser or a...
  5. Jager Waffen74

    Any idea of used value of this Rifle??? Custom Dangerous Game

    I am wanting to know what I should be asking for this rifle, I was originally asking 5700.00 with the scope, but I just sold the scope, so anyone know what the rifle is worth to someone?? When it was built they were around 6k-6500.00 Now they are selling for 8k from Mr. Christman if you can get...
  6. A

    Heym, Rigby or Mauser?

    Does anyone have any experience with either the HEYM Martini Express, the Rigby Big Game, or the Mauser m98 Magnum? Considering a rifle in .375HH, curious at to whether there are any standout differences between the three. Any input appreciated.