1. Philip Glass

    Wanted .375 Ruger Brass

    I am needing 50 or more new or once fired .375 Ruger brass. I am trying to get components put together for my custom ammo manufacturer, Safari Arms, to make me some more ammo for my Zim safari next year. Thanks to this community for always being there for one another! Regards, Philip
  2. M

    Looking For 375 Ruger Brass

    Well I’m exhausted with the shortages. I have a hunt coming up next month and am in search for some brass. Maybe 100 pieces would suffice. If you have a reasonable fair price on once fired I’d be interested. Many Thanks!!
  3. T

    Lots Of RCBS Reloading Dies For Sale

    Hi - I have the following reloading dies for sale.
  4. BeeMaa

    For Sale Various Reloading Components & Supplies

    For Sale…Various Reloading Components & Supplies. I’m helping out a friend get rid of some stuff that belonged to his father. This will be a batch sale, I’m not breaking it up. From left to right… 49 – once fired 357MAG nickel-plated brass…not sure what happened to the 50th. CCI primers both...
  5. BeeMaa

    Show Us Your Reloading Bench

    I've noticed more than a couple of guys looking to get into reloading here on AH. I happen to be one of them and research is going day and night. One of the bigger items I'm looking at is a reloading bench. My bride insists that it look like a piece of furniture and not just a work space. To...
  6. Ridge Runner

    .458 bullets: 45-70 .458 WM/Lott

    I'm looking to get a 45-70 lever action and knowing there is a length difference between .458 Win Mag and 45-70 in the .458 bullet. I was wandering if anyone used/reloaded the shorter 45-70 bullets in their .458 Win Mag and/or .458 Lott rifles? What would be or are the benefits for using...
  7. Rum Runner

    Velocity Issue

    *Velocity Issue* I'm happy to say I'm off to Africa in August and am working up a load for my .416 Rigby. This will be a dangerous game hunt, and my PH specified 400 gr Swift A-Frames followed by 400 gr Barnes Banded Solids. I like Vihtavuori N560, but their official max load data only...
  8. Timbo

    Reloading fired primers

    Hi all! I was sent this video and thought I'd share it with the AH community. As reloaders (and some do-it-yourselfers) who like to go to the nth degree with their reloading, I thought this little video would be interesting to watch. Enjoy, and may you all have a Merry Christmas! "How To...