1. J

    New Here, Looking for Advice

    So happy that I found this site! I found out earlier this week that I will be traveling through Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe in August on business. I am not sure how much down time I will have in total, but I am planning to get a few days of hunting in, as I am unsure when I will be back in the...
  2. GeorgiaJohn

    South African Outfitters

    I'm looking to go to South Africa this fall, I know it will be HOT. I want to know how I can check on an outfitter's license. A buddy of mine went over and hunted, but he didn't get his trophies, because his outfitter's license had not been renewed properly. Any advise on this matter is greatly...
  3. R

    New to the group

    Hi everybody. New to this so please bare with me. Newly qualified PH in Eastern Cape. I have been hunting for 25 years and finaly decided to get it on paper. Hope i can meet some outfitters here.