Oribi, Blue Duiker & Bushbuck Hunting Package

    Hi All We have the following available for next year or a deposit can secure the package for 2020. We will also include a free video of the whole hunt. 6 days total 5 days hunting. Animals in package: 1 x Oribi 1 x Blue Duiker 1 x Bushbuck 1 x Common Duiker Total package price: 5 750.00 US...
  2. B

    BENIN: Atacora Safaris

    Hello All! This is my first hunt report! It has been almost a year since I hunted in Benin with Christophe Morio and Atacora Safaris and it would be a great disservice to them if I didn’t provide a report on my truly fantastic experience. Arriving at the end of January for a ten day safari...
  3. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Oribi Hunt Available 2018

    We have been allocated one tag for an Oribi for the 2018 season in the Eastern Cape. Collectors will know how scarce these permits are. Don't miss out to add or start your Tiny 10 slam with the animal, hardest to get a permit for. If you wish to do a Tiny 10 hunt, we will be happy to build you...
  4. HuntingGold

    SOUTH AFRICA: Wonderful Hunt With LJ Hunting Safaris

    As I was planning for my 2017 hunt to RSA, I spent a lot of time on the computer looking for flight deals to Port Elizabeth. As I played with the flight planners, it soon came apparent that some dates were cheaper to fly than others and by adjusting my schedule; I could actually stay a few...